Challenge Coins

Challenge Coins

Available for purchase is the official Wayne Township Memorial First Aid Squad challenge coin. This beautiful 2-inch coin encompasses everything the squad is about: EMS and Rescue! Depicted on the front of the coin is the first aid squads badge and depicted on the back is their ambulance and rescue truck.

What is a Challenge Coin?
The Wayne First Aid Squad challenge coin is a specially designed coin. Its purpose is the support us during this pandemic and to confirm your support of our organization. This challenge coin honors the men and women of the Wayne First Aid Squad who provide dedicated volunter service to the Wayne NJ community.

Our coin tells a 76 year old tale! It tells a tale of bravery, surviving in the face of danger and a global pandemic, and serving the country and community without thought of personal injury. Our coins inspires pride of self and country and aid in helping our fellow neighbor and citizen with volunteer emergency EMS and Rescue. The coin includes our EMS patch which is a symbol of pride.

To purchase the coin please click on the links below. Each coin is $15 (shipping included) anywhere in the USA. Purchase two coins for $25, three coins for $35.

Thank you for your support!

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